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The recent announcement by the Ducati Manchester Group and Ducati Glasgow regarding their refusal to sponsor the Scottish Ducati Club means that from January 2022 the SDC will no longer be recognised as an official club.

The SDC committee have been blindsided by this decision as there was no prior discussion with the club. The President was invited to a meeting at DG and handed the announcement as a fait accompli by 2 senior members of staff.

It is no secret that the club suffered a massive setback between 2018-2021, for various reasons, but the new 2021 committee have been working extremely hard to resolve all the issues so that members can benefit from being part of a club that has Ducati passion, ownership, and national identity at its heart, and it is working. In the last month alone over 140 fully paid up members have joined.

The new committee have been trying to work with all parties involved to get the SCOTTISH Ducati Club back on track only to find the rug has been pulled completely out from under our feet by the very people we hoped would support our club, not disband it.

During discussions with the local Ducati dealer it became clear they will not take into consideration how far we have come since the EGM and have no interest in our plans for the future.

It appears they are unwilling to give the club a chance to get back on track, based on the past actions of one customer (who happened to be an SDC committee member but is now blocked/removed) and the previous committee/presidents’ poor handling of the situation. 

The new committee should not be judged on or have to answer for the actions of the former committee, who have been removed from office. 

This decision has been made without any warning or consultation with the club by Ducati Italy, Ducati UK or Ducati Glasgow.

Their intention is to replace the SCOTTISH Ducati Club with 2 branches of the DOCGB. The DOCGB is a widely respected club and the SDC and the DOCGB have worked well together, with mutual respect, since 2008, sharing members and events. The DOCGB has been in existence for 48 years and in all those years it has neither set up nor attempted to set up a branch in Scotland as it is an English based club. We do not feel this is an acceptable situation.

We wish to keep and maintain our friendship with the DOCGB, which has been built up over many years, but retain the rights to be our own SCOTTISH club, not a branch.

We do not feel that a Ducati dealership has the right to dictate and demand how the club operates especially when they have shown no interest. We are aware of the issues they had in the past, as mentioned above, but both the customer and the official were removed. However, by constantly harking back to these issues, with no attempt being made to gauge how far the SCOTTISH Ducati Club moved on since November, they appear to be using these issues and a reason for their current proposals.

We have a very strong club with an ever-increasing membership, and we do not agree with the underhand way this has been handled. 

The SDC intends to continue as normal, but without the dealer supporting affiliation. This mean we will be able to continue using our own logo and merchandise, making our own decisions, planning our own calendar but, perhaps most important of all, retaining our national identity and individuality rather than become part of a homogenized society simply for the benefit of others.