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Desmo Owners Club

Factory membership system

This is an official factory run membership system which has been running for a few years now, and is a membership system in its own right and being an officially affiliated club it’s there for us to use to our members benefit, and it does have its benefits, which include:

  • A DOC membership card – which allows the bearer free of charge access to the factory museum and tour
    – This can also be downloaded as a pdf form your ‘MY MEMBERSHIP’.
  • Discounts on items in the Bologna factory shops (approx. 15%)
  • A ‘Welcome pack’ which is provided once a year (‘gadgets’, patches, and badges etc?)
  • Reduced price (approx. 50%) World Ducati Week tickets
  • Reduced price Ducati Riding Experience
  • This is a free of charge add-on to your SDC membership

This system runs for 1 year, from January to December, which means that we have to re-affiliate and re-enrol all of our existing current members on the system, which we do for you in December/January, so if you are already on the system (and you are all paid up), you will be automatically re-enrolled, if you are unsure, please log on to MY DUCATI to check your status.
Now, as this system requires the sharing of personal info with a 3rd party (ie Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A) and the setting up of password access, this is something that members must instigate for themselves (as we do not share our members info with 3rd parties

By the way, this system does allow people to be members of multiple clubs, so if you’re already a member of one of the other clubs it no problem, just log in and ask to join us too

So, if you want to join in, this is where you need to start:

Go to on the front page just under MY DUCATI click on SIGN UP
 and follow the sign-up procedure

Setting up you profile and access password will give you access to your info later on….
You must do this as this is the
Please keep your info up to date as this address is where your Members Kit will go to.
When Ducati make them available to us.

Once you have signed up, or signed in you will see…

Click on your name and then click on the dropdown PROFILE…

Next click on the 3 lines top left to get to MY PROFILE MY GARAGE MY CLUB

Click on DESMO OWNERS CLUB and either click on Join a doc or check the status of your membership. Your status should read ACTIVE if you are one of our members. If not then you need to ASK TO JOIN US.
Type in Scottish Ducati Club in the Find a Club field We should appear in the list then choose us.
If you already are one of our members on the systems you will see:

Click on MY CLUB and either click on Join a doc or check the status of your membership your status should read ACTIVE if you are one of our members.

To ask to join, see above simply type Scottish Ducati Club in the club field, our name should pop up, then just select.

Factory DOC red Membership cards can at the moment be downloaded from our website by logging on and then going to ‘MY MEMBERSHIP’.