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The Scottish Ducati Club was formed in early 2008 and now has a membership of over one hundred and forty, with good participation levels at our regular events, both rideouts and socials.

We are a friendly and sociable club of Ducati enthusiasts, operating with the minimum of formality and the maximum of enjoyment in our passion for Ducatis. Whether your interest is in racing events, rideouts, classics or just the social aspect of meeting up with friendly fellow enthusiasts it does not matter – if you like Ducatis then Scottish Ducati Club is the only active club in Scotland where you will find what you need.

The main aim of the club is to encourage an active community of Ducati enthusiasts in Scotland, based upon an informal, sociable and democratic approach. It is a club run by the members for the members. We are still evolving and always welcome new ideas. Check out our events page for more information on what we are getting up to. Feel free to come along and see for yourself.

Annual General Meeting 19th February 2022

The AGM was held in the Sandeman Room of the A K Bell Library in Perth. There was a good turnout of around 25 members. The secretary, Teeny Russell stood down and her place was taken by long time club member Neil Downie. Neil was voted in by a unanimous show of hands. The rest of the committee were voted back in their existing positions.

Due to the club no longer being affiliated to Ducati a few changes to the constitution were agreed.
It was also agreed that the membership fee would now be a flat rate of £10 for everyone, new members and renewing. This is also reflected as a change to the constitution.

A discussion took place about possible routes, area organisers and the possibility of using WhatsApp groups to arrange local area runs at short notice.

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